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We run a boutique agency that is specialized in technologies in the retail sector. We help retailers transform in the digital age by fully capturing today's opportunities.

We work through an extensive network of best-in-class specialists, depending on our client’s needs.

We stand out, not only we help you understand what to do and how to do it, we also get it done with you - placing our energy into making your breakthrough!

What We Do

Digital Transformation

Do you want to become a truly customer obsessed retailer that leverages on today's technologies and consumer behaviour?

We help you understand what to do and how to do it through a review of your business from a customer and tech point of view. Then we get it done with you - transforming your business by guiding or building the actual solutions.

Augmented Reality

We were amongst the first movers with Augmented Reality for retail on behalf of IKEA and Apple. We won several awards and have extensive knowledge of this new technology and how it can be applied commercially.

Due Dilligence

We provide you with perspective on the value of a potential tech-investment you are considering in the retail sector or in the field of Augmented Reality.

Michael Valdsgaard
Michael Valdsgaard Founder

Michael is a profound expert in Retail and Technologies and have been working with business transformation and exponential technologies for the last 10 years on a global level with top executives. He is a retailer of trade with more than 25 years’ experience.

Prior to starting his own company, Michael worked as Senior VP Digital Development at IKEA with the global responsibility for transforming IKEA’s business model. Before this, he was Senior VP Customer Relations and general manager in both The Netherlands and USA. Through his life and work experience, Michael have gain solid understanding for the different markets around the world.

Michael is best known for being one of the pioneers of bringing Augmented Reality experience into the hands of millions of consumers with his creation of the app called ‘IKEA Place’. An award-winning application that he launched to the world press together with Tim Cook after working closely with IKEA and Apple.

Michael holds a degree in business and technology.

We believe

That all companies today (without exceptions) are partly or fully a digital business and we encourage everyone to 'get under the hood' in their own company to truly understand it.

That Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Mobility and Robotics are close to the breaking point on the exponential curve and will fundamentally change our lives and the way we do business.

API-First Strategies easily solve what used to be major hurdles for many company’s transformation.

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