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We have deep understanding to bring corporate C-Suit level vision all the way to line-by-line programming code, combined with total understanding of current and emerging technologies. We work with larger companies in business to consumer market, often retailers.

We are driven by things which we realize will revolutionize our lives, like soon mixed reality is the new reality.

What We Do

Senior Executive Digital Advisory

We help you check if your current digital efforts will actually achieve your goals.
Are you on the right path? Are you spending your money on the right technology stack? Do you feel at ease?

Digital Transformation

We develop digital strategies which will make you achieve your vision.
Do you know where you want to go, but not how to get there? We will help create a plan and connect this to the technology stack and the best-in-class vendors.

Build large scale digital solutions

We build award winning digital applications, with speciality in Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

Key note speaking

We offer energetic and insightful key-note appearances by our founder Michael Valdsgaard. Decades of experience from the field of Digital Transformations and Emerging Technologies within Retail.

Digital transformation

Companies used to get dominance through scale - first from manufacturing and later from distribution. Today only the customer matters and digital disruption is unleashing the next wave of innovation and drives changes throughout all levels of society.

Innovation is a fluent process that moves throughout the organization to the world outside and from the outside world into the business; from top-down and from bottom up; with no specific start and end.
However there tends to be a general flow of specific phases that happens when great ideas materialize – some essential building blocks: Ideation, Innovation, Development, Foundation.

The combination of exponential digital development and consumer hyperadoption means that businesses will have to learn how to operate in an external business environment characterized by a vastly accelerated pace of change. This will create many opportunities, but also threats. Digital disruption has spread to all industries, and viable business models will come and go at a much faster rate than today.

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